Think WOW

What is the WOW Factor?

  • Something that stops you in your tracks.
  • Something unexpected that don't normally happen in your everyday life.
  • Something that makes you rise above the sameness of everybody else.

That is The WOW Factor.

Always ask yourself - What can I do to WOW my customers?

It can be as simple as remembering the names of your frequent customers or as grand as offering a $1M promotion.

Let us look at some example on how some companies WOW their customers.

The Coca Cola Happiness Machine

The KLM Surprise

Yes these are big brands and they are very much capable of doing these kinds of WOW Factor  but even small business can surprise their customers in their own way.

Think of ways on how you can target their emotions and make them happy.

Offer them a unique experience that they can't get anywhere else.

Think of promotions that can get your customer's coming back for more.

Put out advertisements that can capture their attention.

Think WOW.

There will be so much ideas like this that I will be featuring on this blog as we go along.
You can leave your comments and you may also suggest topics that you want me to talk about on this blog.

So put your thinking caps on - Think WOW.
How can I surprise my customers today?

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