Your Signage can Be Your Director Of First Impressions!

Have a look at this crazy signage outside a Gold Coast men’s hairdressing salon.

They obviously want to scare off customers by telling them that they are going to pay more on a Sunday!

Ridiculous signage is one of my pet hates, as day after day we always seeing crazy negative messaging from retailers, hotels and car yards.

When will business owners realise that their signage is the “Director Of First Impressions?”

This silly hairdresser is essentially telling everyone that if you have to get a haircut on a Sunday, get ready to dig deeper into your pocket because it’s going to cost more!

Wow what a great lead generator that is!

If you drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast along the Pacific Highway, you will see equally as tragic signage outside some of the Motels – making each look like the Bates Hotel from the Psycho movie.

I often say that I could improve any hotel’s occupancy rate by at least 50% by simply creating a Disney type sign outside their premises.

Signage is one of the most important marketing tools for any bricks and mortar business.

Brilliant signage promoting The Big Guy upstairs!

Here’s one that gets 5 stars, a very clever “wow factor” sign outside a church at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast!

Now this is clever “wow marketing!”

But then again, perhaps the Pastor got some divine intervention when it came to creativity?



You don’t want this real estate agent selling your house!

I snapped this photo last weekend outside a house and land development on the Gold Coast – it’s 2013 and this is the best that this agent can come up with?

They’ve got to be kidding!

Do they really think that in the age of iPads, Million Dollar Giveaways, Big Festivals and Expos, that a lame burger sizzle is going to attract prospective real estate buyers to this weekend offer!!!

Unfortunately this lack of marketing savvy is right across the real estate industry, as 90% of agents don’t have any marketing skills at all. They tell you that they “market homes” – but ask anyone of them for evidence of the marketing qualifications and you’ll hear the crickets in the background!

Next time you’re choosing a real estate agent to sell your home, ask them that very question – “Show me your marketing qualifications.”

Pretty fair question when these days most of them insist upon you giving them thousands of dollars for advertising.

For the record, I drove into this estate in the middle of the day to see how many people had rushed in there for the free burger – and surprise, surprise – all I saw were tumbleweeds on the street.

I know I am biased because I preach “wow factor marketing,” but this really is kid’s stuff – and they are advertising it on Gold Coast radio would you believe!

Real Estate Agents continue to promote themselves as marketing experts, yet they show photographs of empty homes without any images of their target audience.

The first rule for any advertisement is to show images of your target audience in order to increase the magnetism of your message.

If a burger sizzle and a slippery dip is the best that this agent can do, I’m glad he’s not marketing my home!


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