Can You Use A “Guarantee” In Your Offers?

I was driving on the Gold Coast recently and came across a fantastic sign which promoted a local Car Wash.

The reason I say it was a fantastic sign is that it’s read “24 hour rain guarantee.”

In other words, if it rained within 24 hours of your car being washed at this particular facility, you got your money back!

A fantastic idea, because we all bemoan the fact that as soon as we wash the car, it rains!

The only thing this Airport Car Wash company got wrong was not including a website address on the roadside sign.

So ask yourself if there’s the possibility of offering a guarantee with your product or service?

One of the best ever guarantees in the history of marketing was the Domino’s Pizza one “guaranteeing the delivery of a fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less – or it’s free!”

Let’s face it, if you’re super confident that your product or service is everything you say it is, then there shouldn’t be a problem standing behind what you sell.

Indeed, if you are really struggling to find a unique selling proposition (USP), then a “guarantee” might just be the answer!

But if you’re going to offer a guarantee, make it as dramatic as you possibly can, because bold guarantees usually outperform regular ones.

Some direct marketers call this “risk reversal selling” - as you are taking the risk away from the buyer.

Yes, you’re probably saying, “But won’tI get ripped off by people asking for their money back?

Whilst the statistics change from industry to industry, it appears that most guarantees only ever get a 5% claim rate, meaning that 95% of people who purchase the product or service are very happy with it or don’t bother to ask for the guaranteed return.

Many beauty companies offer a money back guarantee if you had not seen remarkable results in the reduction of your wrinkles within 30 days.

Some math tutors offer back a money back guarantee if your child has not improved their mathematical skills by 50% within 60 days.

Think about how you can build a guarantee into your offer so that you are “reversing the risk” for your prospects.

It’s a powerful “persuasion tool” to get fence-setters across the line!




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